🏆 Beema was voted 'Best Insurtech Solution' in the Middle East!

Car insurance tailored just for you.

Can insurance be lovable?

Does your car insurance pay you for driving less?

UAE's most innovative car insurance is now available in Bahrain!

Drive less, pay less

With Beema Pay-per-kilometer, your final price will depend on your yearly mileage. So the less you drive, the more cashback you'll earn at the end of the year.

Go on, give it a swipe! Set the slider to your yearly mileage and see how much cashback you’ll earn.

Yearly mileage

Check out some of our awesome benefits:

Roadside Assistance

Enjoy 24/7 breakdown recovery assistance - anytime, anywhere.

Agency Repair

Your car will always be repaired by an authorized dealer of your car’s brand.

Car Replacement

Enjoy a replacement car for 8 days while yours is being repaired.

Natural Perils

Your car will be covered against floods, hurricanes, storms, and all other natural perils.

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